The secret Netflix codes that unlock loads of hidden content have been updated


The very definition of a first world problem is deciding what to watch next on Netflix.

Users are spoiled for choice with the sheer amount of content available on the world’s most popular streaming service.

So spoiled in fact that you can spend hours just browsing the collection of movies and TV shows and that’s before you’ve even started watching anything.

If you have ever used Netflix you will be familiar with browsing through the various lists of recommended TV shows and movies the service offers up or scrolling through the different categories.

But there’s another easier way to browse through Netflix content.

Earlier this year we revealed some secret Netflix codes that can help you unlock lots of hidden movies and TV shows.

Using the codes gives you access to hundreds of sub genres and categories that most users don’t know about.

Netflix Codes

Now the list of codes been updated and compiled into a handy website. displays all the hidden sub categories which can be accessed by clicking on the category of your choice.

Whether it’s British Movies, Sports Documentaries, Epics, Military Dramas or Werewolf Horror Movies, the codes have you covered.

Once you select a category the site then redirects you to Netflix on your web browser where the movies or TV shows from the chosen category are displayed. also has a ‘Suprise Me’ option which picks are category for you if you are unable to decide for yourself.

Now you can spend even more time binging on Netflix.


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