This self-destructing PC is like something out of James Bond and goes to great lengths to protect your data


If you are someone who takes cybersecurity more seriously than most, or just have lots of things to hide, you may be interested in this new self-destructing PC which will be available next month.

‘Orwl’, is a compact PC about the size of a man’s palm and is labelled as the “world’s most physically secure computer” according to its maker.

The new device will come with an NFC key fob that can communicate with the machine and if the fob is more than 10 metres away from the PC, the machine will lock itself and shutdown USB and other ports to stop any potential attack.

Orwl also has motion, shock and temperature monitoring sensors, so that if someone physically tries to tamper with the PC it can wipe the encryption key for its hard drive – meaning your data is kept safe from the wrong hands.

It also has a secure boot, a secure firmware upgrade and a password to turn it on that is two-factor authentication backed up by your fob.

When it comes to specs, it has a Skylake Core m7 processor with Intel HD Graphics 515, an impressive 8GB of RAM and encrypted SSD that can be up to 480GB in size.

It also has wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB-C connections and can come with a choice of Windows or Linux, Ubuntu or Qubes OS.

It won’t be cheap however, starting at $1,699 (THB58,000) making it something of a niche product aimed at those who take their security very seriously.

Via: BGR


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