Sharing this photo of a cat could get you booted off Facebook


Who would have thought that sharing a picture of a cat could get you blocked from Facebook?

As you would imagine there have been a number of theories as to why this is the case and why Facebook appears to be scared of the cat in question.

Various users have complained on different forums and on Twitter about their accounts becoming deactivated after sharing the image.

To most people the image would be an adorable picture but clearly not to Facebook.

The image in question shows a cat kitted out in a suit including a shirt and tie and looking quite proud of itself.

Cat Facebook

By today’s modern internet standards the image doesn’t appear to be at all offensive.

There has been no comment by Facebook as to why the image triggered deactivation but has since fixed the supposed bug and reinstated all affected accounts.

It has been suggested that offensive language was watermarked in the image or that code in the metadata is resulting in it being flagged up as offensive.

Others have suggested that it might just be down to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg simply not liking the cat!

The news comes just a month after Facebook censored an iconic and Pulitzer Prize winning image taken during the Vietnam war.

Facebook said the image, ‘Napalm Girl’ was in violation of the social network’s community standards because it depicted nudity.

Facebook was later forced to back track on its decision due to public uproar, later saying that it “listened to the community” and recognized the “global importance” of the photo.


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