Shocking video shows why you will never trust a hotel safe again


Locking your valuables in the safe might be one of the first things you do when you check into a hotel room.

But a shocking new video has shown why you should never leave anything of real value in a hotel safe.

Canadian Brad Reid says he was staying in a hotel in Ontario when he discovered just how simple it is to break into a hotel safe.

Like we’re all often advised to do, he locked his valuable items in the safe in his room before heading out to explore the city.

When he returned to his room later in the day, he realised he had forgotten the code to unlock the safe.

After calling staff for assistance he was shocked to discover that the hotel safe had a default code of 000000 which anyone could use to unlock it and which the hotel had left unchanged from when the safe was first installed in the room.

Hotel-Safe 2

In the video he uploaded to YouTube, Brian used the code 123456 to show him locking the safe.

He then explained that by using the default code of 000000 he code override the lock and open the safe.

When he tapped in the default code, the safe door opened on its own.

Brian’s video was actually uploaded in 2011 but has gone viral this week and has now been watched more than 1.6 million times.

The video also attracted many comments, with one person posting: “this is a factory default code the hotel is supposed to change it upon delivery or set up”

While another said: “They are suppose to change the default password on delivery. Having worked in a hotel and worked along side the engineering department. I can tell you that not all safe’s are like this above. In other cases its done with special tools only given to the engineering dept.[sic]”

“This same thing happened in a hotel I worked at. A member of staff knew that the default PIN for all safes was 999999 and used to help himself to any valuables locked in there. Only got caught out cos he got greedy,” another comment read.



  1. That is why you need to check the reviews of any hotel you go. If something ever happened related to a safe, it will be in the reviews.
    And then you use the safe.
    I have done it a lot – I travelled three years of my life so far if I sum it all up – and nothing was ever stolen from me out of such a safe.

  2. Not a revelation. Of course hotels must have the ability to open room safes. If you were the owner of a hotel, and a guest checked out and left the safe locked, what would you do? Replace the entire safe? No.

    At a CM hotel last year, the electrical distro board in the ceiling blew. No power. We returned 7 hours later, still no power, so they moved us to a new room. Engineer staff came with a battery powered box, attached leads to the safe and had me enter my code to open it. I’m quite sure he could of done so on his own using a default or master code for all room safes in the hotel.