Shoppers targeted by new Amazon scam designed to steal credit card details


As the holiday season approaches, shoppers are being targeted in a new online phishing scam.

Users with accounts on, and are being targeted in the scam, which involves thieves sending out bogus emails that appear to look like they have been sent by Amazon informing the user that their goods cannot be shipped.

You are then requested to confirm your details on a very authentic-looking page that is emblazoned with the Amazon logo. The page asks the user to enter their name, address and credit card details.

Once the user has entered the information the thieves receive all the details whilst the user is then redirected to the genuine Amazon website.

The scam has already been sent to tens of thousands of customers around the world.

If you receive this type of email do NOT complete the information. Instead sign into the Amazon website and go to “Your Orders” to determine if the problem is genuine or not. If there is an issue, contact Amazon direct and don’t go through a third party.

Amazon has already provided information on its website to help users identify spam emails.

The company says it will never ask users for personal data such as bank account or credit card details, password or PINs.


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