NBTC will extend registration of prepaid SIM cards until August 31


Today we’ve just learnt the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) will allow mobile phone prepaid SIM card holders to register until August 31, an extension to the deadline which originally expired on Friday 31st of July.

The secretary of the NBTC, general Thakorn Tanthasith, said the extension means anyone who has not yet registered by the July 31 deadline could receive calls but won’t be able to make calls during the period.

SIM card registration deadline extended

But everyone will still be able to call 191 emergency numbers. After the extended period next month, users won’t be able to make or receive calls, not even the 191 emergency numbers. The SIM card registration scheme has been extended after more than 16.9 million users have still not registered.

The general said that in total 85.5 million prepaid SIM cards are in use but just 68.8 million had registered by the July 31 deadline – around 80% of the total.

The remaining 16.9 million have until the end of August now to register or they won’t be able to make or answer calls. He says it was essential to require registration of all SIM cards for security reasons as some of those cards are being used by criminals for drug trafficking and other nefarious activities.

Of those 68.8 million, 34.3 million are on the AIS network, 21.2 on DTAC, and 12.9 million on True.



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