These simple tricks will make your smartphone charge faster


If you need to charge your smartphone battery but are short on time, these simple tips will help your smartphone charge faster.

1. Flight Mode

Flight Mode will disable WiFi, Bluetooth and network connection meaning that your device has little to do apart from charge your battery. The obvious result is that your device charges quicker.

2. Turn off your device

Turning off your device is a superior option to Flight Mode and will certainly mean that your phone charges a lot quicker as it will not be carrying out any other functions.

3. Use the mains

Mains charge is far more efficient than using a USB with some estimates saying that it works twice as quickly. Therefore, for optimum results, always plug your device into the wall.

4. Check your charger

Tablets tend to come with 2-amp chargers but smartphones only come with 1-amp chargers which obviously take longer to charge. It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out which is best.

5. Keep your device cool

As batteries become warmer they become less efficient. Keep your device out of direct sunlight and leave on a cool surface where possible. Taking tablets or smartphones out of their case will also help.

6. Battery saving mode

Battery saving mode not only helps your battery last longer it also helps it charge quicker in a similar manner to Flight Mode.

7. Look after your battery

Experts recommend charging your device to 80% and then once a month letting it run down to zero and charging it to 100%. This makes sure the electrons keep flowing and prolong the life of your battery.


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