Apple’s latest iOS update enables Siri to speak and understand Thai


Since Apple launched iOS 8.3 last week – a huge update with dozens of bug fixes and tweaks – the iPhone and other Apple devices can now be used with Siri in Thai. Support for Thai took over a year to implement, and was no doubt caused by difficulties in developing a system that can understand the tonal nature of Thai.

Siri now understands Thai

Siri is Apple’s personal digital assistant for the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and allows users to interact naturally (to an extent) with their phone. It’s the equivalent of Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana (though it was released before both of those companies sought to replicate Siri’s success with their own systems).

Siri Thai iOS

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Apparently, within hours of the update, the Twitter #Siriเป็นคนตลก hashtag (which means Siri is a funny person) has become highly popular on Twitter in no time, with 50,000 tweets as of Friday just after the update became available.

“If I were to rank her, I’d give her 8.5 out of a full 10”, said Kachorn Jiaranaipanich, a founder of

Here’s one of the most easy examples, in which user @kengkie asks Siri what is the date today: (“wan-nee, wan tii tao-rai”), to which she responds correctly Sunday 12th of April (wan aa-tit, 12 may-saa-yon).

Thai Siri

“What is the date today”, to which Siri responds correctly.

There are hundreds of other humorous examples (if you can read and understand Thai, that is) on the Twitter feed.

Have you used Siri in Thai? Does it provide accurate responses and understand you correctly? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. What is the best iPhone app for translating spoken English and Thai, back and forth between the two languages?