Six tips to free up space and boost performance on your Windows PC or laptop


There are a lot of benefits to saving space on your Windows PC. Obviously your files stay tidy but it will also mean that your machine operates faster.

You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of unnecessary files on your machine so her are some handy tips to help remove some of those files and generally speed up your machine.

1. Remove Bloatware and Unused Software

Bloatware files are just files that were installed on your machine when you bought it.

However, there may also be DVD players and free anti-virus software that you don’t use that would be best removed.

The chances are that there is software on there too that never gets used, so whilst you are at it you might as well get rid of that too!

Go to the Start Menu > Settings > Apps. Remove the ones you don’t want but we recommend that you KEEP anything marked as ‘Microsoft Corporation’.

2. Clear Your Temporary Files

PCs tend to store temporary files that aren’t needed and they do take up space on your machine.

To clear temporary files, search ‘Disk clean-up’. Select all the options on the list and click ‘Clean up system files’.

3. Disk Defrag

This is the typical way of speeding up your machine. It tidies up how things are stored on your hard drive making files easier to find for your PC.

Once again, search ‘Defragment’, select the (C:) drive, Analyse, then click Optimise.

4. Tidy Your Files

This just involves deleting old documents, photos, videos and so – anything that you don’t need to keep anymore. As a note, photos tend to take up a lot of space on your hard drive.

5. Move Files to the Cloud

If there are files that you want to keep but you don’t need to store them on your machine, why not move them to the Cloud. There are lots available such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

6. Delete Old Downloads Automatically

You can delete any download that hasn’t been touched after 30 days automatically but it does only apply to anything in your Downloads folder.

However, it is probably best to check this first as you don’t want to be deleting anything that you want to keep!


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