Six tips to help you free up storage space on your iPhone


Are you one of those iPhone owners that are always running out of storage space?

This doesn’t just apply to those with older 16GB devices either, we can offer you these six simple tricks that could help you free up some space.

1. What is using up the storage space?

It may sound obvious but to address the problem you need to establish the cause. Go to: Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage” > Manage Storage. Remove any apps that you don’t use and if you can manage without some of the games this will really help as they are one of the worst offenders!

2. Delete old messages

Do you really need to keep that message from 2 years ago from your friend asking if you want to go to the pub? You can delete all old messages by going to: Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > and then choose either “Forever” or “1 year” or “30 days”.

3. Put your photos in the iPhone Photo Library

This involves storing photos in the Cloud rather than on your device.

Go to: Settings > Photos & Camera and turning on iCloud Photo Library > Optimize iPhone Storage.

Alternatively, if you have a Google account, consider using Google Photos, which offers free unlimited storage, to manage your photos.

4. Get cheeky!

This is one that has appeared on Reddit. Go to the iTunes Store and attempt to rent a film that is a lot larger than the space you have available.

So long as you don’t have enough space you won’t be charged. If you do this a few times one after the other you can free up around 3GB of space.

5. Kill podcasts

If you are a podcast fan the chances are you have a lot and this will take up a lot of space to manage this go to: Settings > Podcasts and selecting “Limit Episodes”.

You’ll be surprised how much space this will save you.

6. Delete accidental videos and pictures

This may mean manually going through your gallery and deleting those that you don’t require but if you pop to the “Bursts” album it may be a good starting point.

Anything you don’t want delete.


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