SK Telecom develops 3x faster Wi-Fi


South Korea’s mobile network operator SK Telecom announced over the weekend that it has developed a new Wi-Fi technology called Multi User-Multi Input Multi Output (MU-MIMO), which claims to provide triple the data transfer speeds of current Wi-Fi technologies.

The company says it will enable Wi-Fi access points (like you would have in your home, for instance) to transmit data to multiple users at the same time, unlike current tech called Single User-Multi Input Multi Output (SU-MIMO) technology. That means that MU-MIMO can help to alleviate network slowdowns even when multiple users simultaneously connect to an access point.

What does that mean to normal people? Basically, faster Wi-Fi access…

SK Telecom’s faster Wi-Fi technology

SK Telecom says that the introduction of its MU-MIMO will drastically improve the efficiency of so-called gigabit Wi-Fi networks. Most current Wi-Fi kit supports transfer of data up to around 1.3 Gigabits per second (Gbps), but the devices themselves (such as smartphones and tablets) only support between 433 and 866 Megabits per second (Mbps) as most internal antennas don’t utilise the speed offered.

However, it’s hoped that when MU-MIMO is commercialised, it should be possible to divide today’s 1.3 Gbps by giving 433 Mbps to three people each, or 866 Mbps and 433 Mbps to two people, meaning that existing Wi-Fi networks can be utilised more efficiently.

Customers should be able to use the improved Wi-Fi network, which is three times faster, once the smartphone companies launch new devices with a Wi-Fi chip that supports MU-MIMO.

SOURCE: Business Korea.


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