Skype for desktop is about to look very different – and you’re probably going to hate it


Microsoft has announced it is rolling out its controversial redesign of Skype to desktop users.

In a blog post, Microsoft said the update would be rolled out to Windows and Mac users from October 30th.

It was revealed back in August that the update was being tested but now it is being rolled out to all desktop users.

The update brings with it a complete new look, the same new look that proved so unpopular with mobile users when when it was rolled out the Skype Android and iOS apps earlier this year.

As well as the redesign, the update adds a number of new features including cloud based file sharing, customisable themes and organised chart lists.

Other features include a new notification panel and a chat media gallery which lets you add GIFs and stickers to messages. The contact list has been completely overhauled too.

The radical new design was introduced to the Skype mobile app on iOS and Android back in June but was met with fierce criticism from users, prompting an onslaught of negative reviews.

On the App Store, Apple fans gave the update a rating of just 1.3 out of a possible 5, blasting the redesign for being “the worse update yet”.

On the Google Play Store, Android users, flooded the site with negative reviews.

One user wrote: “The new update is horrible, needs a serious reality check”.

“Just when Skype was starting to feel more reliable as a messaging service they have to go and make a major change, wrote another.

Another user hit out at Microsoft for creating what they described as a ‘Snapchat clone’:

“This new app is absolutely terrible. Skype is mostly used by people for professional use or for connecting with friends far away. This looks as far from simple and professional as it can be. Skype does NOT need to be Snapchat. This update will make people search for alternative apps”.

The new update to Skype for desktop will be rolled out automatically to all users on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Image: Microsoft


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