Skype for Web: Message and chat direct from your browser


Skype has recently announced the launch of a beta version of its popular instant messaging platform that allows you to send messages direct from your web browser.

Skype for Web enables you to use the chat facility without the need to download and install the desktop program or any plugins.

Instead, you’ll initially access Skype for Web from which means it can be accessed from any computer, even if Skype has not been downloaded on that machine.

Currently you can connect to Skype for Web using Chrome on Windows, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

The beta version is being rolled out to a small number of users before being made available worldwide within the coming months.

Whilst Skype already offers a service that allows you to make video calls direct from your browser, in order to access this service, you need to download the plugin.

However, when the full version of Skype for Web is launched you won’t need a plugin, instead the service will use Web RTC (Real Time Communications) technology.



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