SlideMail Makes Their Smart Email App Available to the Public


SlideMail app was released yesterday. The new app helps users sift through their inbox efficiently by organizing messages intelligently. SlideMail takes care of the manual organization by learning what mail you read or trash, and judging the importance of each.

SlideMail will be able to categorize emails into personal mails, receipts and newsletters, among other categories. This allows users to be able to manage their email quickly and reduce the amount of “junk” mail they receive or read in the process. The app will recommend which mails you should archive.

The company has stated that it’s different than other apps because it continually learns the users’ habits and adjusts its sorting accordingly. Also, the app keeps privacy in mind and all of the processing is done on the app itself – not downloaded and sorted on the company’s servers.

SlideMail has stated that they are working on encryption features to boost user security in the future.

Before being launched today, the app was in its beta-testing phase where 8,000 users participated.

Vu Trans, the app’s founder, stresses that the company is working on app versions for Android, Mac and iPad. Currently, the app is only available through the iTunes store and is free to download.


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