“The Slow Mo Guys” show what happens inside a camera in super slow-mo


The latest YouTube video by well known slow-motion experts “The Slow Mo Guys”, takes an interesting look at what happens inside a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera when a picture is taken.

The Slow Mo Guys (also known as Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy) have earned a deserved reputation for creating some of the most interesting and humorous videos on the Internet, on what has become the web’s most popular slow motion video channel.

It’s always amazing to learn how stuff works, and their latest video released last week is a case in point. To actually see how the DSLR shutter works, they used an ultra-high-speed camera and shot footage of the DSLR, which shows just how quickly the shutter operates at speeds like 1/8000 of a second and 1/1000 of a second.

Just watch the video for a few minutes, and you’ll see what we mean. How do they do it? As Gavin Free explains in the video (this time without co-presenter Dan), they use state-of-the-art slow motion film cameras, in this case a Phantom Flex, that can shoot at an incredible 10,000 frames per second. They can then slow it down for playback at normal speeds.

The Slow Mo Guys’ more crazy videos on YouTube

The new video isn’t the most entertaining clip by any means, but it’s certainly one of the most insightful and interesting ones, and has already managed to rack up nearly 2 million views in 3 days.

So after you’ve had a look at the DSLR shutter slow-mo video, take a look at some of their other videos such as Underwater Bullets at 27,000 fps, a Molotov Cocktail in Slow Motion, and the Giant 6ft Water Balloon which is particularly entertaining.

You also can watch more incredible videos by The Slow Mo Guys on their very own YouTube Channel.


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