SmartBoy add on lets you play Game Boy games on your phone


It seems that wherever you look there are references to the retro video games of the past and there is no doubting that nostalgia can be a powerful thing.

When it comes to home gaming we have already seen the resurrection of the ZX Spectrum and it appears that the good old Nintendo Game Boy will be next.

Hyperkin, an American company are now taking orders for an ‘add on’ accessory that they are calling a ‘Smartboy’. The add on allows you to play original Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games via your smartphone.

It will cost in the region of THB2,000 and currently only works on Android devices. In an unusual step, Hyperkin are not looking to simply sell the device to users, they are hoping that developers will improve on the creation.

The company said: “Hyperkin is offering a royalty percentage – of retail-ready Smartboy units sold – to anyone that can improve the Smartboy’s serial app and firmware. Updates and builds of the serial app and firmware can be uploaded to a dedicated Hyperkin Lab forum.”

The device will not be available for shipping to customers until 1 December so you will have to wait a while before you can try it.



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