Smartphone app allows you to rate Bangkok taxis


The Land Transport Department in Thailand is in the process of creating a smartphone app so the public can rate taxis before operators can increase fares for the second time in 6 months.


Taxis fares in Bangkok have already risen by 8% late last year, but before they are allowed to raise them by another 5%, the department wants to make sure that the increases are warranted by assessing whether levels of service have improved.

Passengers will rate taxis using a smartphone app

According to a report on the Thai PBS website, passengers will be able to vote for any taxis they have used, which will then be totalled in 6 months to determine if the rise can go ahead. Teerapong Rodprasert of the Land Transport Department also said that 80% of 100,000 taxis in the city have already passed the inspection and been given stickers that permit the meters to be adjusted. Many of these cabs (more than 30,000) have already implemented the new fare, with the rest expected in the next few weeks.

Bangkok Taxis - Crazy Signs

Please be aware that some things are forbidden in taxis in Thailand!

The new smartphone app will aim to assess the level of service provided and gauge whether taxis are refusing service, especially to Thai passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport. Many of those taxi drivers have already placed signs on their cabs to the effect that “this cab does not refuse service” to highlight the fact to potential passengers.

Currently however, it’s not clear when the app will be made available and on which smartphone operating systems. Presumably, Android and iOS will be covered, but it’s doubtful whether there will be an app for Windows Phone or even BlackBerry devices. There were also few details provided about how customers would use the app and identify the taxis, and whether there will be any safeguards in place to prevent misuse.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting concept, and one that many in the industry will be watching closely to see how successful it is.

Let us know in the comments whether you have ever been refused a taxi in Bangkok, and the level of service that you experienced. Do the taxis you use generally provide decent service – safe, clean and comfortable, or is there still much room for improvement?



  1. Don Muang to Ramkhamhaeng, first 3 taxis refused me (unpolite), 2 drove by without stopping

  2. For the most part taxi drivers in BKK do a decent job … but some are terrible. On average my experience is that 80% of drivers will take me to where I ask, and 20% refuse. And about 10% try to cheat me by not turning on the meter.

    As to “assessing whether levels of service have improved.” How will they know if they don’t have previous data to compare?

  3. You try to get a taxi on Sukhumvit after 5.00pm … Just supposing you ask to go to Ramkhenphang or any distance over 10klm … you will be refused 9 out 10 times. My friend has to wait for a long time to get a ride home. Even last night after dinner around 9.00pm same story … eventually one accepts but I find Bangkok Taxis are not really a proper taxi service in the sense of the word. Recently the Thai PM Khun Prayuth Chan o Cha recently confirmed that all taxis must accept all passengers wherever they require to travel to. This doesn’t happen as I have indicated, it was just talk … the taxis just do as they please. So I rate the taxis as 4 out of 10 for service.