Snapchat’s transparency report shows 403 data requests since November 2014


Following other major social networks and online platforms like Twitter and Dropbox, Snapchat has gone and released its first ever transparency report on government requests for user data.

Snapchat reveals data requests in new transparency report

The company’s latest (and first) report covers a four month period that started in November, but is nevertheless revealing in terms of how much information various governments around the world are seeking.

As is the norm with these types of reports, the US had the most requests – with a whopping 375 out of 403. Snapchat turned over some information for the majority of these – 92% in fact.

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Snapchat Transparency Report - US Requests 2014

Other countries’ requests numbered just 28, for which information was handed over for 21% of them. The UK, France and Canada accounted for most of these with 10, 9 and 3 respectively.

The report also discloses government content removal requests and “DMCA takedowns” (when content is removed from a website at the request of the owner of the content or the owner of the copyright of the content), but at the time of the report there were none recorded.

Snapchat Transparency Report - International Requests 2014

It is fairly difficult to gauge the significance of the number of requests, but it is fascinating to imagine what governments may learn from delving into Snapchat accounts.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the images stored on the service are temporary (apparently) so there is supposedly not much in terms of user profile information.

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In contrast with Snapchat, Dropbox only received 275 data requests in its most recent report that covers 6 months of requests.

Snapchat says it plans to release its first full transparency report this coming July, and they will be released twice yearly from then on.

SOURCE: Snapchat


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