Google’s photo editor Snapseed gets new effects and features


Snapseed, the free photo editing app from Google, just received its first big update since Google purchased the company in 2012. Version 2.0 has just arrived in the Google Play store with a new interface and lots of new features, such as spot healing, lens blur, perspective transformation, and a special ‘non-destructive’ editing system that can copy edits between images. The app has also been totally updated with the minimalist ‘Material Design’ Android look and feel.

Snapseed gets a revamp

Snapseed has a fairly unique ability to let you apply selective fixes to individual areas in photos – for example adjusting the brightness level on a dark face in a bright image – and as such it’s been a popular editing tool for several years.


Snapseed 2.0 expands on the existing features and lets you apply brushes and filters selectively with a new brush tool. You can also edit individual layers to make adjustments to changes that were applied perviously during editing.

The new version of Snapseed is now available for free from the Google Play Store now, but it’s still being rolled out so may not yet be available for your specific device.



Have you used Snapseed for Android? Let us know in the comments below why it’s your favourite image editor (or perhaps something else is?)…


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