Social media site Twitter turns 10


Twitter is celebrating its 10 year anniversary today.

The social network site co-founded and now run by Jack Dorsey started an online celebration via its blog on Sunday afternoon.

The blog post titled “Thank you! Love Twitter” invites users to celebrate its 10th birthday by tweeting using the hashtag #LoveTwitter.

In the blog post, Twitter said: “Ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet,” referring to Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, which read “just setting up my twttr”.

“Since then, every moment of every day, people connect about the things they care about most — all over the world.”

Famed for its 140 character limit, Twitter has undoubtedly changed the way people communicate and interact online. The social networking site is now the go to place for following breaking news events in real time.

It is the social network of choice for celebrities, sports stars and heads of states the world over.

Twitter has also been associated with key cultural movements such as the London riots in 2015 and the Arab Spring.

A recent study even claimed that emergency services are able to track storms, earthquakes and other meteorological events faster on Twitter than they can using traditional tools.

Although loved by millions of users around the globe, Twitter has suffered falling share prices and a decline in users in recent years, as the site has failed to keep with the likes of Facebook and new emerging platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

It has also come under fire for failing to tackle abuse and trolling on the platform. Last year it introduced a ‘report abuse’ button on the site in a bid to end harassment on Twitter.


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