SoftBank’s “Pepper” robot sells out in less than a minute


Last week we wrote about SoftBank of Japan’s new, emotional robot that aims to make a deeper connection with its owner. Well now it seems that the Japanese at least are very enamoured with the concept, because the $1,600 robot has reportedly sold out in under a minute…

Softbank robot sells out fast

That sounds pretty darn impressive, but perhaps less so when you realise that the Japanese mobile phone company only made a thousand units (which also requires a subscription of $200 a month).

Still, it does show that there’s obviously a huge demand for such as machine, that’s said to be able to understand and process a wide range of human emotions, at least to a degree.

Pepper, as it’s called, was introduced a year ago as a robot that could interact with people based on whether they feel happy, angry, or sad. It’s powered by an artificial intelligence engine that lives in ‘the cloud’ – and that’s why the monthly subscription is required. But it also supports lots of different apps that enhance the way it communicates with you.

SoftBank has now said that orders are no longer being take, but will make an announcement when sales resume in July.

Is Pepper the robot a sign of things to come? Or is it just a novel toy for people with too much money on their hands? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below…



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