Software updates could be destroying your smartphone battery


It appears that updating our smartphones can shorten battery life despite claims to the contrary made by technology companies who claim that the updates actually give you better performance and longer battery life.

The UK consumer group Which? found that battery life on both Android and iPhones can be reduced by as much as three hours when users update to their latest OS.

In their research Which? found that an iPhone 6, released just over two years ago, lost 38 minutes of battery life when it updated to the most recent iOS software but the Google Nexus 6P dropped by an alarming three hours, from 12 hours charge to just nine when the latest Android update was installed.

Mobile phone companies usually release major software updates annually but have minor updates throughout the year and once you have updated, there is no way of turning back.

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Which? also claimed that software updates can also result in memory falling dramatically as there is extra capacity used up by the improved software.

For instance, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets lost 30GB of storage when the latest version of Windows was installed – which amounts to thousands of photos.

The software updates will include important security fixes that protect users from being tracked or having their details stolen, as well as new features, but early versions of software can be riddled with bugs and other glitches.

Which? believes that mobile companies should do more to warn users of the possible negative effects of updating their OS as well as offering options to revert back to the previous version if they so wish.

“Our latest research shows that, while upgrades are meant to boost the performance of our phones and tablets, the opposite can actually prove to be true”, said Richard Headland from Which?

“Given how much we rely on mobile devices, companies should do more to tell us about the possible downsides of updates, as well as the benefits”, he added.


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