Some absolute genius has gone and invented the drip free wine bottle!


Stop whatever you are doing, sit down and take a moment to reflect on what you are about to read.

This week saw what is possibly the biggest scientific breakthrough of the 21st century.

After three years of studying the science behind glass bottle design, Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University, Massachusetts has invented the world’s first drip free wine bottle.

If you’re a wine lover the chances are you have quickly had to reach for a tissue or cloth as the post pour dribble rolls down the side of the bottle and onto your tabletop or counter.

A few glasses of wine later and your white tablecloth is bearing the hallmarks of the now empty bottle of wine.

Fortunately, Mr Perlman’s invention means wine drinkers the world over can enjoy wine – drip free.

Mr Perlman has developed a new specialised lip that is incorporated into the design of the bottle and which catches any drips before they trickle down the side of the bottle.

drip free wine bottle

Mr Pearlman spent hours observing slow motion footage of wine being poured from the bottle and found that the wine drips because glass is hydrophilic and attracts water.

He then used a specialist diamond cutting tool to create a 2mm circular groove just below the lip of the bottle.

This groove then forces the droplets of wine that do not fall into the wine glass to return to the bottle.

There is no information yet on when the groove will be available to the masses and if it will be added into the design of wine bottles in the future.


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