Son of Concorde supersonic jet a step closer to reality


A new supersonic jet, dubbed the “Son of Concorde”, that could fly from New York to London in less than three hours, could be transporting passengers sooner than you think.

The Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) is being developed by NASA and would fly at speeds of Mach 1.4, or 1,100mph, which is around twice as fast as many of today’s commercial aircraft.

However, the crucial feature of the supersonic jet is that is will be much quieter than Concorde, meaning it would be able to transport passengers overland and not just the ocean.

Despite still being regarded as a remarkable feat of engineering, Concorde was considered too noisy to fly over land due to the ear shattering sonic boom it produced.

The QueSST on the other hand is designed to be much quieter by generating waves that create a soft rumble, rather than a loud boom.

Now the new technology is a step closer to becoming a reality after being approved for funding in the US budget.

“The Budget fully funds the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator, an experimental supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) airplane that would make its first flight in 2021,” a statement from The Whitehouse read.

“This ‘X-plane’ would open a new market for U.S. companies to build faster commercial airliners, creating jobs and cutting cross-country flight times in half.”

The QueSST aircraft will also be twice as efficient as Concorde, NASA said.


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