Songs and soaps top viewing figures as Thais can’t get enough of YouTube


Thailand remains one of the top ten countries in the world according to time spent on YouTube.

And most of that these days is accessed through mobile phones.

There is very little change from 2015 in the latest viewing figures as regards preferences – Thais love listening to songs on the video sharing platform and can’t get enough of watching the TV soaps.

Top billing for shows featuring songs were I Can See Your Voice and The Voice Thailand.

Songs emanating from these shows that were the biggest hits were Gift Julathip’s “Tua Rai Thee Rak Ther” (The bad person who loves you) and Plucky Tharakorn’s “Flashlight”.

Top comedy was one featuring a monk in big specs called “Luang Phee Jazz”.

Drama “Nakee” from Channel 3 and dating show “Take Me Out Thailand” featured in the top ten also.

A serial called “Barbie” also had five million viewers.

The full run down on which YouTube videos have been most popular with users in Thailand can be found here.


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