Sony confirms new high end 4K PlayStation 4


The rumours that Sony is planning to release a more powerful PlayStation 4 console have been confirmed.

The console that has the codename “Neo” was revealed by the company’s chief executive Andrew House in an interview with the Financial Times.

He explained that the new console will come complete with improved graphics, a new and faster processor and will also support an ultra high definition 4K resolution.

Mr House went on to promise that the new console would be “intended to complement and sit alongside the standard PS4” rather than be a replacement with both versions being sold and all newly released games would be supported on the standard PS4.

The timing of the announcement was something of a surprise with most people expecting the announcement to be made at the E3 conference in Los Angeles next week.

House stated that there won’t be any further details about the new console revealed as soon as E3 and nor would there be any information on its pricing or release date.

The one thing that we can be sure of is that the new console will more expensive that the current model which retails for around THB13,500.

Following the announcement that Neo will indeed be released there are questions being raised about whether Microsoft will feel under pressure to address the rumours that they are planning to release their own upgraded hardware under the codename Scorpio.


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