Find out how Sony glasses will revolutionise how we wear glasses


Google Glass has had many problems and among these ups and downs, the main problem is the general lack of style. In the time that it has been available to the Glass Explorers, it apparently hasn’t caught on yet.

Sony has announced their development of a new ‘lightweight single-lens display module’ and aim to solve the problems that Google have.

With their new micro display they can turn any pair of glasses into a Google Glass-like device.

Currently, Sony is working on a display model of the Sony glasses so far, so that we will not be able to see the final product for quite some time.

Yet, the company have mentioned that they plan on mass-producing this product some time within the coming year.

The Sony glasses look very similar to Google Glass, that has a small display that is positioned in the front of the user’s eye, and a pair of chunky processor units on either side of the spectacles; one which contains the hardware, including an ARM processor, which comes complete with Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi, and sensor enabled hardware. Whilst the other one, holds the battery.

sony smartglasses prototype

But, the aim of Sony’s product is different.

The company are seeking out potential customers, such as eyeglass manufacturers that would tailor their products to sports or entertainment-minded customers, as well as to organisations focussed on providing solutions for businesses and educational institutions using wearable tech. The Sony glasses can be used on any ordinary pair of specs or sunglasses, which make it much more open compared to its Glass counterpart.

As the device is still in its early developments, there are no specifications for the device quite yet. However, we know that people can see this technology sometime in the near future, so make sure to be on the lookout when January rolls around.

Sony also says that they will provide a software development kit that will allow programmers to write apps for the device. Sony has also opted for the hybrid approach with this device, as it can either be used in conjunction with a smartphone, with the two being able communicate via a wireless connection or – since the device has its own onboard processor – you’ll be able to download apps directly to the device.

Sony’s proposed focus is mainly on the consumer realm, especially sports: as it suggests applications for gold, cycling and coaching. However the company also sees room for the industrial space, such as in a factory setting where workers could be given instructions without having to take their attention away from the task at hand.

Obviously, Google Glass hasn’t really caught up on itself yet and it is not certain how much energy the company is planning to put into it. Sony’s device is to be shown in January but it doesn’t have a price tag or a shopping date yet.


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