Sony Gives Up on Building Streaming Service, Partners With Spotify


Sony spent 4 years trying to build its own streaming music service on the PlayStation 3 and 4. After closing the service in January, the company has since announced that they have partnered with Spotify to offer streaming music through both platforms.

Launching today, Monday the 30th of March, PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles in 41 countries will be able to download the app, which will allow them to stream music while they play their favorite games. Sony’s head of marketing, Eric Lempel, states that Spotify is a much better product than the company’s Music Unlimited.

Lempel has made it clear that while the PlayStation 3 and 4 are game consoles, they are also a media hub for users. He also states that the gaming consoles are the number one used device to access Netflix’s streaming service.

PlayStation Music, powered by Spotify, will work just like Spotify does on tablets and PCs. Users will be able to use either their paid service, or their free, ad-supported streaming.

The financial conditions on the partnership have not been announced. PlayStation’s executives stress that the addition of music is to enhance the gaming experience. The company hopes to lure in non-gamers to use the platform in the future.


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