Sony May Stop ‘The Interview’ From Showing in Cinemas


Following earlier reports, the hackers behind Sony Pictures huge security breach issued a “9/11 style” threat against the movie theatres which would show the upcoming Kim Jong-un assassination comedy film ‘The Interview’, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. They wrote, ‘The world will be full of fear. Remember the 11th of September. 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time’. In response to this, Sony Pictures had begun to invite theater owners to postpone or cancel the showings of the film.


Information from the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the theatres have discussed other options after Tuesdays threats, which included increasing security;

The situation appears to be very fluid: Neither the National Organization of Theater Owners or the individual national theaters chains have yet publicly spoken about the situation. But according to some insiders, exhibitors are wary of becoming liable if they show the movie and any violence occurs.’

The discussions have also involved requests from theater owners that Sony provide heavy security if they do go ahead and play the film. At the same time, some feel that Sony is throwing the decision about whether or not to show the movie into their laps when the studio itself should be making that call.’

We have learned that Seth Rogen and James Franco have called off all press appearances that would be promoting ‘The Interview’, due to the threats, BuzzFeed reports. BuzzFeed would know this as the actors had pulled out of an appearance at BuzzFeed Brews. Now it seems to appear that Song may indeed, cancel the movie’s premiere altogether. The movie is supposed to open on Christmas, however the hackers note specifically threatened the premiere, although it already happened last week. During the event, Rogen had declined interviews, and told the Hollywood Reporter, that ‘being pursued by a reporter at the premiere was the only time he’d ‘felt insecure’ in months.'”

It is truly a tense situation, considering recent events that have been happening around the world, such as the Aurora theater shootings in Colorado. In spite of this, even if the threats are fake there’s always the possibility that it exists and it could be enough for theatre’s to want to take precautions.



  1. Giles Peach on

    Normally I advocate freedom of speech and not giving in to “terrorists” or threats of violence. Nth Korea is known for talking huge but then actually following through too. I think the biggest threat is to Sony itself via more cyber attacks, rather than a mall cinema or whatever. I just can’t see a Korean guy blowing one up.
    Having said that. If this film is genuinely offensive to a nation and it’s people (and remembering the Nth Korean leadership will no doubt say it is regardless of facts), then I think commonsense should dictate (pun intended) that the film is not shown.

  2. The threats make me more interested in seeing the movie than anything.

  3. Clive Richards on

    This is an absolute capitulation to threats of terrorism – the North Korean government rule by fear and should be exposed at every possible opportunity. This would be a huge propoganda coup for them and one that should be denied. They are a threat to South Korea and to world peace and should be told in no uncertain terms that they will be held responsible for any terror attack. The sooner China abandons this derelict regime the better.

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