Sony unveils SmartBand 2 fitness wearable


Sony has just unveiled the second version of its fitness wearable – the SmartBand 2, which will be on sale in 60 countries starting in September. On the face of it there’s not much new, so why is it such a worthy successor?

SmartBand 2 adds heart rate sensor

Besides some design changes to the silicon band, the biggest improvement in the SmartBand 2 is the addition of a new heart rate tracker, which Sony says in an “advanced” heart rate sensor. The new IP68 certification also means that it’s dust-tight, so no debris should make its way to the internals.

The SmartBand 2 also has NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, a 58 mAh battery that lasts for 2 days, and will work with all Android smartphones using Android 4.4 and above. Sony says the SmartBand 2 will automatically track workouts while mapping heart rate with each activity. There’s also a companion Lifelog app, which keeps track of all the collected data and illustrates how the wearer is performing over time, with “motivational” messages at key milestones. The new sensor also allows users to monitor “excitement and relaxation levels”.

Sony SmartBand 2

Via a separate app, the wearer can also set wake-up alarms and adjust the notifications that light up on the band’s LEDs.

“We set out to create the most advanced wearable at this section of the market – SmartBand 2 has the capability to deliver, and make biometric data meaningful for users within Lifelog” said Kaz Tajima, Senior Vice President, Head of UX Creative Design when announcing the SmartBand 2. “Not only does it represent a powerful vision of how consumers can learn more about themselves – it allows us to explore exciting new opportunities with development partners.”

Sony SmartBand 2

As of this moment, there are no further details on the September launch date or which countries will be included, but we know it’ll be available in black and white at launch with pink and indigo versions soon afterwards.



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