Sony SmartEyeglass is now available to purchase for $840


Since Google Glass seems to have retreated and is no longer being so publicly touted by Google (though businesses can still buy it, even though consumers can’t), other companies are aiming to get into the non-existent market for advanced smart glasses. Oh dear…Sony is one of those companies, which is now selling its SmartEyeglass wearable to people all over the world. It costs $840 – pretty much the price you’d pay for a decent spec laptop.

SmartEyeglass – great for nerds

If you thought Google Glass made people look daft (the term ‘glassholes’ has been coined to describe them), Sony’s SmartEyeglass looks even nerdier. The frames are decidedly unattractive, but there’s also a separate controller that is permanently wired into the SmartEyeglass. It definitely looks like something from the early 1980’s. In the promotional video above, Sony even says “slim, lightweight design” – really?!

Sony SmartEyeglass

Once SmartEyeglass is connected to a smartphone, you can use the controller with various gestures, and speak into it if you can’t be bothered typing messages. There’s a Sony video online that shows what it can do, but in fact it achieves the opposite and demonstrates why you should not buy them. Sony has undoubtedly attempted something new and different here, but it’s quite surprising that the product has been released as a finished product onto the unsuspecting public.

The bright green text isn’t exactly that great – in fact, everything is a fluorescent shade of green:

Sony SmartEyeglass

If you do feel the need, for some strange reason, to take part and purchase a pair, developers in the US, UK, Germany and Japan can purchase SmartEyeglass today. And business customers across Europe can also purchase the device.

“Imagine never not knowing”, Sony says about its SmartEyeglass technology.

It’s quite remarkable how these tech giants seem to believe that consumers want this kind of crazy technology. Sure, if they looked indistinguishable from a nice pair of sunglasses, they might be more acceptable. As it is, they aren’t, and users are likely to draw intense ire and criticism from others around them. There’s that whole issue of whether the person wearing them is recording you without knowing.

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No doubt, in a year’s time, Sony will realise the error of their ways and consign the product to the ‘ill-advised’ category and move onto something else…


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