Sony crowd funds premium smartwatch called Wena


One of the more interesting products to appear on First Flight, Sony’s crowdfunding site, is a smartwatch called “Wena Wrist.” Wena stands for “wear electronics naturally” according to the site, and at first glance looks like a fairly normal traditional watch.

Wena Wrist smartwatch

The Wena Wrist focuses on three features – an NFC wallet that works with the popular Japanese standard called Felica, notifications via vibration and a customisable LED (on the strap), and activity tracking (note that the app is only for iOS, not Android).

The “Chronograph” smartwatch tells the time with separate hands for hours, minutes and seconds, while another version called “Three Hands” just had a normal watch face. Both models however are the same size at 42 mm across. The Three Hands version will run for three years, while the Chronograph edition lasts for five. However, the strap itself only lasts a week before it needs a recharge, as it’s the part of the watch that contains the clever bits…

Wena Smartwatch

The Wena Wrist will shop in March and April next year, and costs around $287 for a silver-coloured Three Hands model, and up to $576 for the Chronograph, in black.



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  1. Why do people like to wear such bulky devices? We need a slim, smartwatch that weighs almost nothing and doesnt like like a 5lb hunk of metal on your wrist.