Sony WF1000X wireless earbuds review: You won’t even notice they’re there


By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
The Nation

Sony’s new wireless earbuds let you concentrate on the music

Boasting noise cancelling technology and a sleek design, the new Sony WF1000X wireless earbuds certainly live up to their slogan “Wire free, noise free, stress free”.

I particularly like the fact that the wireless communication does away with the need for any connecting wire and headband, which makes wearing the phones, as Sony promises, comfortable and totally stress free. The WF1000X has a compact and minimalist design and weighs in at 6.8g. And each earbud has an ergonomic ear hook for keeping it in place.

Its internal antenna and fitting supporter keep the signal strong for constant streaming.

Sony WF1000X

Each bud uses a tiny 6mm driver to deliver clear sound. They have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and fall into the closed-dynamic type of earphones.

The WF1000X uses Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity with support for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP profiles and support for audio formats of SBC and AAC. It uses NFC (near field communication) for easily establishing connection with a smartphone or MP3 player that also has NFC technology.

But where the phones really win out is the effective noise cancelling technology. You simply press a button to switch this technology on and the background noise is totally minimised, allowing you to really enjoy the music.

Sony WF1000X-2

Moreover, the WF1000X uses Adaptive Sound Control technology to detect whether you’re travelling, walking and waiting and adjusts ambient sound settings should you opt for the Ambient Sound mode instead of the Noise Cancelling mode.

The power button on the left earbud also serves as a button for cycling through the modes and even provides voice guidance to tell you which mode you are in when you press the button. To get this function, just download the Sony I Headphones Connect app.

Moreover, the app can be used to customise the ambient sound settings, of which there are three: Normal, Voice and Equaliser. When you switch on the normal mode, you can hear all essential background sounds while the voice mode ensures you won’t miss announcements. You can use the Sony I Headphones app to find your perfect sound tone. Just use the app to switch between the three modes.

Sony WF1000X

Of course, the WF1000X can be used as a hand-free headset for making and receiving phone calls. You can use either the power button on the left earbud or the multifunction button on the right to receive and end call. The multifunction button can also be used to play or pause the music.

If you double click it, it will skip to the next track. Press it three times, the music will go back to the previous track. The earbuds come with a charging case that also serves as a battery bank for the earbuds. The case weighs about 70 grammes.

The WF1000X has about three hours of battery life and it can be recharged twice by the carrying case so you will have about nine hours of battery life on the go.

Sony WF1000X

I tested the WF1000X with Sony’s Walkman NWA25. The NFC technology helped me pair the NWA25 with the earbuds easily.

The music quality reproduced by WF1000X was really good with great clarity and strong bass when the earbuds were properly seated in the ears. In fact, the bass was impressive for inear-type headphones.

Sony WF1000X has a suggested retail price of Bt7,990.



– Driver unit: 6mm (dome type)

– Magnet: Neodymium

– Frequency response: 2020,000 Hz

– Bluetooth: Version 4.1, 2.4GHz band; SBC, AAC formats; A2DPm AVRCP, HFP, HSP profiles

– Noise cancelling: on/off with switch

– Battery: charging time: 1.5 hours; battery life: 3 hours

– Earbuds weight: 6.8g

– Charging case: 2 hours to charge case (3 hours with earbuds)

– Case dimension: 103.0 x 42.6 x 24.5mm

– Case weight: 70g


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