Soon Windows 10 will keep you safe from cyber attacks


We are all aware of the threat of ransomware attacks and Microsoft has responded by implementing ‘controlled folder access’ that allows you to protect your files from potential attackers.

The new feature works by monitoring protected folders and notifying users if anyone or any apps have tried to access them. Any app that does make attempts to access your files will be immediately blacklisted.

Controlled access will come as a default feature and protects folders such as Documents, Pictures, Movies, and Desktop. If the user does want apps to make changes they can be added to a list of ‘allowed apps’.

The feature is only available to those enrolled in the Windows Insider program but will go on general release at the next update in September.

Ransomware has hit the headlines recently with high profile attacks through several large companies such as WPP, Maersk and DLA Piper.

The latest attack from the Petya virus was described by Information Security researcher “the Grugq” as “a criminal enterprise for making money,”

He added that the new version: “is definitely not designed to make money.

“This is designed to spread fast and cause damage, with a plausibly deniable cover of ‘ransomware,’”

Any improvements to security will be warmly welcomed by all Windows 10 users.


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