Soon your iPhone could be used to power your next MacBook thanks to this AWESOME new feature


Smartphones are an incredibly powerful device and now Apple are looking at the possibility of them taking over from your computer.

A patent has recently come to light that was filed by the Cupertino firm showing how an iPhone could become the ‘brains’ behind your MacBook, slotting within a laptop shaped dock.

The patent appears to show the iPhone replacing the touchpad with the smartphone becoming the processor, Apple Insider reported.

The patent explains that the laptop-style dock would be fitted with “operational components and a communication port that facilitates formation of a communication channel between the host device and at least one of the operational components.”

iPhone Patent

It adds that: “The host device provides substantially all processing resources and has full access to at least one operational component.”

The power for the iPhone would come from the laptop either via a physical connection, Bluetooth or a lightning port.

Apple’s patent suggests that the iPhone would look similar to existing models and be made from aluminium and have a ‘sporty’ appearance.

The laptop accessories would not be usable as standalone devices but the patent did say “The accessory device does not have the processing resources (such as a CPU) generally associated with a conventional laptop computer.

“In this regard, the host device can provide the necessary computing resources, but it is the accessory device that provides additional functionality, such as a large display, enhanced audio capabilities, and further input means.”

Similar ideas have been trial by other manufacturers in the past without much success as they can be quite restrictive.

Apple will be hoping that their version has more success.


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