South Korean government begins crackdown on selfie sticks


This might just be the best news you’ve heard all year.

Government officials in South Korea have announced a crackdown on selfie sticks.

Unfortunately, the crackdown isn’t because using one these things makes you look really silly.

Instead, the authorities are targeting the retailers of the now hugely popular selfie sticks as according to the ministry of science, the devices are regarded as being communications equipment and as such need to be properly tested and and certified, reports the Korea Times.

The reason behind the need for testing and certification of selfie sticks is that they have been found to emit small levels of electronic radiation.

Despite generally not being harmful to humans, the radiation can interfere with other electronic and communications equipment which is located close to where the device is being used.

Any retailer found to be selling an uncertified or counterfeit version of the device could face a fine of up to 30 million won (approx USD27,000) or even face as much as three years in prison.

The selfie stick has become incredibly popular with mobile users in Thailand, throughout south east Asia and even in the United States and Europe.

However, similar devices originated in Korea back in the early 2000’s and are more commonly known as ‘sel-ca’, meaning ‘self camera’ by Koreans.

What do you think of selfie sticks?

Would you ever use one?

Are they the must have accessory to your smartphone or do you think they make you look ridiculous?


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