Southeast Asia’s first VR arcade coming to Siam Square One


VRW One has launched VRX, the first virtual reality arcade in Thailand and Southeast Asia, at the heart of Bangkok in Siam Square One with an investment of over Bt30 million.

VRX is located on a total area of 250 square metres of the third floor of Siam Square One. VRX features five virtual reality (VR) platforms to challenge lovers, including OMNI, 4DX VR, VR Racing, VR Snowboard, and HTC VIVE.

OMNI is a VR platform that allows players to run, walk and move in the VR world, whether they are firing guns in a battlefield or walking in a haunted house. 4DX VR is a simulator that brings to players the experience of riding a rollercoaster at the Everland Theme Park in South Korea, or sitting next to the driver while drift racing.

VR Racing offers the experience of a professional racer on a racing circuit. VR Snowboard enables players to experience the thrill of snowboarding. HTC VIVE is the most popular VR platform because it offers a dazzling array of over 50 games to choose from. Players can put on VR headsets and interact with the VR world through the HTC VIVE controller while they assume the role of a space warrior, a ninja, or a surgeon.

Fully immersive environments The VR arcade is expected to attract about 300,000 visitors a month. Apart from opening VRX, VRW One’s parent company, Disruptive Technology, is also planning to expand its business with two key strategies: introducing VR technologies to real estate, tourism, medicine and event businesses, and pursuing a B2B customer base expansion marketing strategy that would involve expanding the business with a franchise system involving three different franchise sizes, said Ratapatr Chotimongkol, general manager of VRW One.

These strategies are motivated by the potential of VR technology in increasing the competitive capacity of different services and professionals across various fields in order to spark the audience’s interest in the event or business. For example, it could be applied to the presentation of condominium models to potential buyers, or used to create VR games with fully immersive environments for tourism businesses, medical simulations, virtual seminars, and other presentations.

Gaining in popularity “VR arcades have gained tremendous popularity in many countries, said Ratapatr, citing 200 arcades in the US, Japan, and South Korea, with over 10 locations across each country. VRX is the first such arcade in Thailand and Southeast Asia. “We have aimed to both grow as a franchise and branch out towards a range of businesses that require technology to improve their capacity,” he said.

The company aims to launch 10 additional VR arcades across the country by 2018.

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