Spike in Google searches from confused Brits suggest many had no idea why they Brexited


It seems that many people in the United Kingdom were perhaps not as clued as they probably should have been regarding Britain’s milestone referendum.

Just hours after the UK voted to leave the European Union, the confusion over what Brexit may actually mean for British people started to hit home in the immediate aftermath of the official result being announced.

In what was a bitterly divided and fought campaign, both sides laid out their arguments in a bid to win voters but after the votes had been cast and the result announced, its appears many Brits had no idea what the European Union is, let alone which way they should have voted.

Google reported a sharp surge in searches related to the vote, with “What is the EU?” becoming one of the most searched for questions.

According to Google Trends, the top search query on Friday was “What does it mean to leave the EU?”, while the third most search for question was “Which countries are in the EU?”

There was also a spike in searches from people in Northern Ireland searching for information related to Irish passport applications.

As well as spikes from London users searching for “Move to Gibraltar”.

The uncertainty following the decision to leave the EU was not only apparent in Google searches but was of course felt in financial markets the world over.

During the early hours of Friday, the pound dropped by more than 10 percent falling to levels not seen since in 1985, although it had recovered slightly by the close of trading.

The impact of Brexit on Thailand is expect to be limited, Isara Vongkusolkit, chair of Thailand’s Chamber of Commerce, said on Friday.

Although Mr Isara did say that trade could be temporarily disrupted and Thailand could feel the effects of fluctuations in foreign currency.


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