Spoiler Shield app stops your Facebook friends from ruining your favourite TV shows


If you’ve not yet had time to catch up with the latest episode of Game of Thrones or perhaps you’re just getting into House of Cards, Mad Men or The Wire for the first time, you’d surely appreciate it if your friends wouldn’t be so willing to post spoilers on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Because make no mistake, the people who post these spoilers are the absolute scourge of the internet.

Worse than hackers, spammers, trolls and pop up ads, the people who post spoilers do nothing but absolutely terrorise the online experience of many a good folk.

They need to be stopped.

And admittedly while physical violence, torture (or even worse) may be going a little too far, fortunately there is a handy app that can eliminate spoilers from your social media feeds and stop dickheads from ruining your next Netflix binge.

Game of Thrones spoiler

The Spoiler Shield app, which is available on Android, iOS or as a Google Chrome extension, stops any spoilers from appearing on your Facebook or Twitter timelines.

It works by using filters to detect suspicious words or phrases which it thinks could be a spoiler. It then posts a the Spoiler Shield logo in place of the the revealing post or image.

If you’re a sports fan, Spoiler Shield will also help you avoid finding out the results of recent matches by blocking any spoilers related to your favourite team.

TV show Game of Thrones, which has built up a huge global following since it was adapted from the George R.R. Martin novels in 2011.

However, trying to avoid spoilers for the show can sometimes be impossible, especially if you scroll through your Facebook news feed in the hours or days after a show has aired.

Spoiler Shield says that GoT fans have more reason than most to use the app, claiming that up to 170,000 spoilers per episode are posted on Facebook alone.

“Our Spoiler Shield app has become a must-have tool for any loyal viewer to enjoy each episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ on his or her own schedule”, the company said.


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