Spotify now supports Android Wear smartphones


Last month, Spotify announced that it would shortly support Android Wear, and now it’s finally here. The latest version of the Spotify app which is coming to the Play Store right now, allows you to access menus and control your music on an Android Wear smartwatch.

Spotify now works on Android smartwatches

When you are using Spotify on a phone, a new card appears in the Android Wear timeline view that allows you to play and pause the track. If you swipe to the right you will see controls to skip a track, go back and also to adjust the volume. Swiping another page over and you’ll see a Browse button.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Spotify app visible in the app drawer, which means that if you want to browse and play your music you’ll have to have Spotify open and playing on your phone, which then triggers the card showing the currently playing track on the watch. There’s no way either to launch the Android Wear app by voice either.

Spotify Android Wear

Going to the browse menu goes to your Spotify library to pick tunes, and you can scroll through saved music, top list and other genre-specific playlists offered by Spotify. Going further into Your Music, you can also choose playlists, stations, albums and artists. You can tap on an album or artist, but not an actual track.

Spotify is available now on the Google Play Store for free, and the update with Android Wear is being rolled out right now.



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