Sprint Launches Free International Roaming Plan


Sprint customers are saying good-bye to international roaming charges. The carrier has recently launched an International Roaming Plan that lets users roam in 15 different countries. With the new plan, customers will be able to download pictures, check their Facebook, write emails, and more. While you won’t be able to make phone calls for free, it’s a step in the right direction for Sprint.

The International Roaming Plan will apply to Europe, Latin America and Japan. Marcelo Calure, Sprint CEO, said the company recognized their customers’ desire to travel without worrying about roaming charges. The new plan will give Sprint customers free Wi-Fi and data roaming when traveling abroad. In the future, the company hopes to add more countries, so customers can travel virtually anywhere and still use their mobile device.

Sprint’s competitor T-Mobile announced a similar plan 18 months ago. Both Sprint and T-Mobile are offering 2G data speeds, but T-Mobile allows its customers to upgrade speeds – Sprint does not. T-Mobile’s plan is also available in 120 countries, versus the 15 countries Sprint’s service is launching in.

While Sprint’s International Roaming Plan may not be on par with T-Mobile’s plan, it’s welcomed news to customers. As the carrier adds new countries to the plan, more Sprint users will enjoy the freedom of traveling without having to pay exorbitant roaming charges.


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