Stanza Makes It Easy to Add New Events to Your Calendar


Stanza’s “Add to Calendar” button is making it easy to add new online events to your calendar, and for event organizers to reach fans, team members and customers.

Until today, the company was known as Rebranded as Stanza, the company has raised $4.3 million in seed funding from Founder Collective, Metamorphic Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, Stanford-StartX Fund and angel investors.

Currently, Stanza’s 300+ beta testers consist primarily of sports teams, but the company is looking to expand into a broader group in the near future.

The “Add to Calendar” button is just the starting point for Stanza. The button allows you to easily add online events your own personal calendar on Google, Yahoo, Exchange, iCal, Outlook and other calendar applications.

Event organizers can include additional updates, like scores after the game. And Stanza could integrate with other services in the future, like ticket venues and Uber. The organizer also gets analytics regarding listing engagement.

Stanza says its early adopters include PTA groups, political campaigns, fitness studios, student groups, and of course, sports teams.

As of right now, Stanza is in a pre-order period. These customers will pay just $7 a month for the first year, but after that year is up, the price will increase to $15 per month.


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