Starbucks’s Order Ahead Feature Expands into Seattle


starbucksOrdering a latte or a coffee from Starbucks is becoming even easier. The company has rolled out their mobile-ordering system in Seattle as well as Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon. In total, more than 650 locations will allow customers to place their order online and pick it up in stores.

Still in the testing phase, a national rollout of “Mobile Order & Pay” is planned for the ordering system later this year.

Currently, iPhone users are the only ones that have the Starbucks app available to them. Starbucks has stated that they plan to add an Android app before they rollout nationally.

Making ordering fast and easy is the app’s goal, states a company spokesperson. The current functionality allows users to select their food and beverages. Customization, such as adding sugar or milk to a coffee, is also available. Users will be able to customize their selection just like they would in the store.

Once a person has finished selecting the items they wish to order, the app will use the device’s GPS to find nearby stores. Users can select the store where the order will be picked up. Starbucks even provides directions to the store as well as the wait time for the order. Payment is processed through a registered Starbucks Card. Users will simply walk into the store and pick up their order without having to wait in line.

Starbucks’s in-house payment system is a major reason for the quick expansion of the company’s app to 650 stores.

The company has not stated how the initial testing phase of its order-ahead feature went in terms of user experience. With current expansion and a national rollout of the app planned later this year, experts speculate that the app has showed promise for the company.

The rollout of the order-ahead feature in the Northwest will begin on March 17th.


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