Stay away from the latest viral Facebook meme – it could be a threat to your cyber security


It may seem harmless enough but the latest viral Facebook meme could put your cyber security at risk.

Last week a post titled “10 Concerts I’ve Been To, One is a Lie” was widely shared by Facebook users all over the world.

However, by answering the post you could be unwittingly handing over something you should probably keep a secret – the answer to an online security question.

While websites typically use a username and password to enable you to login to an online account, it is also common for banking, email or social media accounts to also ask you a secondary security question if it suspects your account may have been compromised.

One of the questions typically used as a security question is “What was the first concert you attended?”

Speaking to USA Today, security advisor Tom Group said “I typically advise people not to answer those questions. It’s not worth it.”

He said hackers are likely to have taken advantage of the meme once they saw how popular it had become. They could have even created it themselves in order to harvest private data users.

Meanwhile, Forrester Research analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo added: “If I’m a hacker, I’m taking full advantage of this.

“Don’t make those kinds of answers about your life public.”

Users who have taken part in the meme are now being advised to delete the information they submitted.

Emmanuel Schalit, CEO of password manager Dashlane, advised users to opt for an impossible to guess password, rather than an answer to a security question that can be found out in 10 minutes.

“A bank asks to know my mother’s maiden name — spend 10 minutes online and you can find it out,” he said.

Instead, users should use a strong password that contains letters, numbers and symbols.

“This will never be guessed by anyone, because it can’t,” he added.

However, not everyone is worried about revealing such information on Facebook.

“I think we’re all getting a little paranoid,” Per Thorsheim, a Norway based security expert told USA Today.

“People said you should never post on Facebook that you’re going on vacation and when you’re coming back, because someone will read that and come clean you out, but I do it all the time, and I have had no problem posting vacation photos.”


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