Still think you don’t need antivirus? Warning over huge surge in Mac malware


According to a report from anti-malware software-maker Malwarebytes, malware and viruses for the Apple MacOS increased by a staggering 270% in 2017.

The company published The State Of Mac Malware report recently.

Although this figure still pales in comparison compared to the number of viruses that Windows-based computers have to suffer, the increase to Mac owners cannot be taken lightly.

The malware Fruitfly and its numerous variants are is notable example mentioned by Malwarebytes that plagues the Apple devices in 2017.

Fruitfly is capable of capturing a user’s personal information and even has the ability to generate child pornography images, a sickening thought.

Even more malware variants have been identified since the start of this year.

Mac users have always had a questionable sense of security, believing they are not at risk due to the bigger market share of Windows devices.

And it is this weakness that malicious individuals often take advantage of.

Microsoft builds their Windows Defender antivirus into each iteration of their operating systems, this is something Apple does not, leaving the user to have to choose and install their own antimalware or antivirus programs to keep the computer safe.

The trend of viruses increasing can be linked with the growth of Apple products, by the end of 2017 Apple had become the world’s fourth-biggest computer-maker after shipping 19.6 million units, this is a rise of 5.9% on the previous year.

As the number of Macs in the population rises they become a more viable target for malicious individuals wishing to target them with malware.


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