Stop falling for the “free iPhone scams” plaguing social media 


One of the latest scams to hit social media is the offer of a “free iPhone”, social media watchdog ZeroFox revealed.

The scam seems to be riding on the back of the new iPhone X’s popularity but it is leading to individuals giving up their personal information.

There are literally hundreds of scams across Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube whereby users have to complete a trivial task in order to get an iPhone.

Some of the scams contain links to malware but these are in the minority with most simply asking users to complete a form in which they will give away their personal details.

The data can then be used at a later date for schemes such as identity theft or social engineering.

Image: Zerofox

You don’t have to do much digging to find these scams, in fact they are designed to be easy to discover so as they can reach out to a greater number of people.

According to ZeroFox’s Phil Tully, a simple search on Facebook will reveal dozens of results, “Any time someone is offering an iPhone for free, it’s going to raise a red flag. The chance that that that is going to be a legitimate deal is pretty low.”

It appears that it is not only social media sites that have fallen victim to the scam, search engines are also displaying results for free iPhone’s and directing those browsing to some rather dubious sites.

Mr Tully believes that the social media sites are directing a significant amount of resources to tackling the problem, although it seems unlikely that the problem will disappear quite as quickly as everyone would like.

The success of such measures will ultimately be limited by the creativity of the scammers to come up with new ways of circumventing these platforms’ automated defences.

Source: ZeroFox


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