How to stop Google tracking your every move


Google introduced a new feature called Your Timeline earlier this year which effectively tracks your every move.

It works in conjunction with Google Maps and is available on iOS, Android and desktop and has many uses but quite frankly, how many of us want a record of where we have been?

Many users are unaware of the feature and it does have to be turned on manually but unfortunately it is easy to turn on accidentally. If you want to turn off the feature, you can follow our guide.


Usually when the feature in turned on it is because it wants to interact with other Google features. To check go to: Settings > Location > Google Location History. From here you need to turn the toggle to “Off”.

To double check go to: Maps > Menu > Timeline, and check that “location History is off”. To delete your history go to: Locations Settings > Delete all Location History.


The process for iOS is very similar to that on Android. Once again open Google Maps then go to Settings. From here select Personal content > Location Settings, from here check that the toggle is turned to off.

Again to delete your history go to: Settings > Location Settings > Delete Location History Range > Delete all Location History.


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