Study by Microsoft Indicates Thailand Students Want Coding as a Core Subject


Microsoft conducted a study in Thailand that shows students want coding as a core subject in school. The study states that students see the value in coding for their career potential. The study also looked at support for students by both their parents and their school. Data reveals that parents and schools are gaining awareness of the importance of coding.

The survey included 1,850 students, all under the age of 24.

The data reveals that 89 percent of students wanted to know more about coding and that 94 percent wished that coding was part of their school’s core curriculum.

Microsoft’s managing director in Thailand Haresh Khoobchandani states that it’s important for schools to start integrating coding into their curriculum as soon as possible. Haresh states that coding is a fundamental 21st century skill that will help students have a successful future.

Microsoft’s YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode is a campaign that has been in Asia for two years. The campaign brings together aspiring coders to highlight the importance of coding to students. The goal of the campaign is to excite students and drive engagement in the technology field for Thailand youths.

Thailand has been trying to boost their technology sector, and learning to code at a young age will help students land a successful career.



  1. I would like to see the research that says 89% of students want to know more about coding. They can’t even speak English and they want to know coding? haha

  2. Wim Kuijpers on

    Strange. When people here asked what kind of job I have I say I’m a programmer. (.NET Developer). But nobody showed any interest to ask more about this. I ask myself if they even know that every application or website use ‘coding’.