Stunning photo of blood red moon over New York goes viral


A stunning photograph which shows a blood red moon over the Manhattan skyline has gone viral.

Photographer Jennifer Khordi took the spectacular image from more than 25 miles away in New Jersey.

She described the image as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen”.

The New Jersey photographer shared a number of photos of the beautiful red moon appearing behind the World Trade Center.

“It was just absolutely amazing to see this”, she told Caters.

“I plotted this shot and lined up with a lookout 25 miles from Manhattan.

“I have always wanted to get this shot,” she added.

Jennifer’s photographs have proved popular on social media, where they were described as “spectacular”, “fastastic” and “amazing”.

However, some users questioned the authenticity of Jennifer’s photographs.

One user, John Beidle said: “I am calling a hoax. The moon is not that large in the sky!”

Another user, William Sullivan added “People have really sank. The media liars have you all believing whatever they print. The moon NEVER appears that big anywhere on Earth! Jesus!”

Jennifer, who confirmed the photos were taken with a Canon 5d mk iii, Sigma 150-600mm lens at 600 with a Sigma 1.4x extender . F9, ISO 800, 1 second, later made a post hitting out those who didn’t believe the photos to be real.


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