Super Mario Run smashes all previous records with over 5 million downloads


Nintendo has launched Super Mario Run, a new iPhone app, which has already received three times as many downloads as the hugely popular Pokemon Go app.

Super Mario Run attracted 2.85 million downloads on its first day alone and is topping the charts in 62 countries and is seemingly justifying Nintendo’s decision to get into the smartphone business.

It must be said that comparisons with Pokémon GO aren’t really fair with Super Mario Run enjoying a worldwide launch on one day whilst Pokémon was launched over a several weeks.

The Verge reports that Pokémon GO currently holds the record for the most number of downloads in its first week so if Super Mario Run tops that you can be sure that it is performing pretty impressively.

Super Mario Run is a very good game although we do have some doubts over its longevity as it only has 24 standard stages.

As yet we don’t know how many people have actually paid for the app as the first few levels are free but Nintendo won’t receive anything unless you pay around THB400 for the rest of the app.

Nintendo’s next two apps will be launched around Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games.

While there is no word yet on Nintendo launching apps for any of its other games, don’t bet against The Legend of Zelda launching some time soon.


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